This is the page where all that "other stuff" will come. Stuff like the links and everything else.
So, here we go, if you want to read something about Robby his magazine, go to Native
For Something else, if you want Your own ramp in your garden, or even your own skatepark, but don't want to pay for good plans, then go to bmxtrix. Pieter has made a lot of free plans, and you can find them there. You can also go to that page for help with tricks, and for the latest contest results and video's. In some time, it should also be possible to order all our clothing there. so once more, thats
Also, if you want The hitch hiker t-shirt, or some other stuff, go to flatlandfuel. Support flatlandfuel, because Patrick Schoolen is a verry cool!
Something else? what happens when you miss a handplant on a subrail? well, you brake your hand, but also your friends make fun of you, and take pictures
something else for you to read is the site catfishcatfish. It from someone who also rides, but the site are mostly just fun things.
och yeah, remember:"Semper Ubi Sub Ubi". you figure that one out.
another place to visit: fatbmx. Thats the site of the Dejong brothers, and it's also fun.
Or you want links to sites from bmx company's? Well here is a list of people we really like. terrible one, standard., wethepeople, odyssey, volume don't sweat it if a link isn't here yet. there will be more later... and if you want to contact us (i don't no why you would, but ...) mail us: