So, we are a bmx clothing company. This means we should make clothing. and thats what we do. or at least that is what we try to do. enough rubbish, here on the site you can only order some t-shirts, but We also make other things. The T-shirts are all thick 100% cotton so they will last you a long time. We have the original one, which is the wireframe, we have the army design, and we also have a flatland model, the Hitch-Hiker. You can have these shirts in most sizes, but for your girlfriend, we also made a Girlie shirts. (it's one of those small, tight shirts, so if your girlfriend has big ...) sorry. Because it's mostly cold here in belgium, we also make sweatshirts. you can have them hooded, or just plain sweatshirt. Those are the main things we do, and always have. We also Do other thing, things we only run in a small number. Like the beanie we did. they are cool, and we will have some more. one day. or the day after. So Don't look funny if you see us walking around in a Crank jacket, or in pants or in something else. if you want the same thing, just ask us, and we will see if we still have some.